Cours de français avec Carole Simon - Apprendre le français - Savoir-français

French for Foreigners (FLE)

You are in France (alone or with your family) to work

  • You need to improve your French for your work
  • Your spouse or partner and your children need to speak French for social integration

This is the key for your mobility

You are in France to study

  • You need to understand the courses, write and speak in French

This is the key for you to pass

You wish to learn or improve your French or converse in French

  • You want to chat or read newspapers or books
  • You are coming to visit France, and you want to be able to find your way, understand the touristic leaflets or speak with French people

This is the joy to discover, share and exchange


  • Analysis of your goals and availability and evaluation of your level based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages)
  • Proposal providing number of hours and price with the description of the methodology
  • Set up of a planning of courses
  • Courses tailored to your needs (face-to-face, distant learning, adapted course material, etc.)
  • Regular evaluation according to your goals, based on the CEFR referential

According to the expected courses, the methodology can be adapted.

Cours de français pour étrangers - Apprendre le français - Savoir-français
Points forts - Apprendre le français - Savoir-français

Key Points

  • Tailored material according to your needs and interests
  • Adapted learning pace
  • Selections of texts, videos and exercises according to your needs, interests and environment


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Rates are adapted depending on the type of courses (conversation, written communication, oral communication, etc.), the number of students and hours, distant or face-to-face learning.

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