Relecture de documents avec Carole Simon - Apprendre le français - Savoir-français

Document Review

  • You write documents, have them reviewed for grammar
  • You write proposals, meeting minutes, reports, web sites, etc.
  • Your lack of self-confidence in grammar is prejudiciable

Documents without grammar errors makes the difference with your interlocutors


  • Analysis of the document to review (domain, number of words, etc.)
  • Proposal providing price (price per word, with minimal lumpsum)
  • Review in the agreed deadline
Méthode relecture de documents pour étrangers - Apprendre le français - Savoir-français
Points forts - Apprendre le français - Savoir-français

Key Points

  • Professional experience in technical writing
  • The Certificate « Voltaire » (Expert level)
  • Rapid completion


Document Review

  • From 3€50 per page of 250 words

Both budgetary estimate and fixed price per document are available

10€ minimum invoice

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